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Police Department

Police cars.jpg​The Benton Police Department is comprised of dedicated professional police officers who are committed to our community. As a department, we are proud of the spirit of cooperation within our community and we are committed to working together to make certain that our community is a safe and pleasant place to live and work. The officers of the Benton Police Department are dedicated to the highest levels of integrity and professionalism and pledge to continue to work with the community to solve problems of concern to the citizens of Benton. Thank you for visiting our site. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free stop by the office and speak to me or one of our police officers. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Mission of the Benton Police Department is based on the philosophy of professionalism, respect, accountability, integrity, and communication as we strive for excellence and continuous improvement.  We shall serve and protect all citizens fairly and equally as we build a stronger partnership with the community.

Vacation House Watch

The City of Benton Police Department has initiated a Vacation House Watch Program as a public service and crime prevention measure, in order to prevent and detect crime on affected residential properties while residents are away.

How to request a Vacation House Watch:

  • The Vacation House Watch Form (Attachment A) Vacation House Watch Form.pdf shall be completed and signed by the requesting resident.  This form may be submitted to Benton Police Department via email at or brought directly to Benton Police Department at 1009 Main Street, Benton, KY  42025.
  • Vacation House Watches shall not exceed a period of sixty (60) days. Each resident may request up to two (2) separate Vacation House Watches per year.  

Accident Reports

Accident reports are available to qualifying individuals (see list below) 48 hours after the report is filed, in accordance with KRS 189.635 (5) and (6).  They may be obtained at the Benton Police Department, 1009 Main Street, Benton, KY during regular working hours.  A fee of $5.00 per copy of the accident will be charged to cover the department’s expenses for providing this service.

KRS 189.635 (5) and (6)

On July 11, 2001, Judge John G. Heyburn II, of the United States District Court, Western District of Kentucky at Louisville, issued an order dissolving all injunctions in Amelkin v. McClure, Civil Action No. 3:94CV-360H.  The injunctions prohibited all police departments in the Commonwealth of Kentucky from enforcing the previsions of KRS 189.635, which relate to accident reports.  Pursuant to the June 11, 2001 order, the Benton Police Department is no longer enjoined from enforcing the previsions of KRS 189.635.  Until further order from the court, only the individuals / organizations listed below are entitled to receive copies of accident reports:

  1. Parties only to the accident
  2. The insurers of any party who is the subject of the report
  3. The attorneys of the parties; and
  4. News-gathering organizations, solely for the purpose of publishing or broadcasting the news.

Background Checks

The Kentucky State Police Records Branch, Name Search Section, conducts background checks for employment, licensing, and other similar purposes, as authorized by the Kentucky Revised Statutes.

To obtain information on how to conduct a background check, and to receive a Background Check Release Form, please contact the Kentucky State Police Name Search Section at 502-227-8700.  Business hours are M-F 8-4:30 EST.

There is a $10 fee charged for each background check, and they must be submitted in person, or by mail.  No electronic transmissions or faxes are accepted for this service.

Since this service is provided by the Kentucky State Police, it is not available through the Benton Police Department.

Finger Printing

Finger printing services are available through the Benton Police Department between 8am and 4pm, weekdays at the Benton Police Department, 1009 Main Street.  For more information, call 270-527-3126.


It is the Benton Police Department’s policy to charge for the following services.

  1. Accident reports - $5.00
  2. Printed pictures - $10.00
  3. Audio / Video recordings - $10.00
  4. Criminal reports - $5.00

You must meet the criteria in order to receive any of the above information.


Professionalism: We will be professional in our daily actions, our behavior and our performances to the department, its members and to the community we proudly serve.

Respect: We will treat citizens a​nd co-workers with respect, regardless of the degree of respect we receive.

Accountability: We will be held accountable for our actions, our behavior and our performances to the department, its members and to the community we proudly serve.

Integrity: We will be honorable and honest in our daily interaction to the department, its members and to the community we proudly serve.

Communication: We will communicate effectively and courteously with our co-workers and the members of the community we proudly serve.

Benton Police Department
1009 Main Street
Benton, KY 42025
Phone: (270) 527-3126

Stephen Sanderson, Chief
Caleb Curtner, Captain
Logan Hampton, Sergeant​
Ryan Moore, Officer
Keegan Cole, Officer
Tyler Coursey, Officer
Jake Darnell, Officer​
Kevin Green, Officer​​